SchoolFlip – Information

We offer you one of the most creative and fun gymnastics lessons in Austria!

Come with your whole class over at a discounted student rate. Our SchoolFlips are also available in the mornings from Monday to Friday.
The school rate does not apply on weekends, school holidays or public holidays.
Just send us a non-binding inquiry via the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours!


Please arrive at FLIP LAB 30 minutes before the booked time.


Please collect the appropriate amount from the children in advance, so that we can handle the payment on the jump day itself uncomplicated and fast. (Do not forget 2,50 € for jump socks!)
Of course you can also pay with E / C card or credit card (MasterCard or VISA).

High Performance ZONE

Everyone seven years of age or older is required to sign a declaration of liability for our high performance ZONE. Persons under the age of seven are not allowed to enter or use this area for reasons of safety.
Declaration of liability

Legal guardians will have to sign the declaration of liability on behalf of minors.


Teachers and caregivers receive free admission and take on the duty of supervision for the respective school group at the FlipArea.

One of our FlipInstructors warms up with the group, provides the necessary safety briefing and is present at the FlipArea all the time.

However, our FlipSocks regulation also applies to instructors and / or supervisors.

A special program including instructor from the FLIP LAB can of course be requested on request, we will then make you an offer.


The FlipSocks have an anti-slip coating on the sole and are mandatory for safety reasons. You have the possibility to bring your own FlipSocks or Turnpats or to buy them on the spot for EUR 2.50. These become your property after the purchase and do not have to be returned.

Bringing food and beverages

For a snack we have a spectator area, where the students at the tables can eat their food.


Our FlipTimes (bookable 30/60/90/120 min) are always consumed in one go and can not be split or interrupted.

Bounceboard, Bounceski, Bouncebike - FLIP LAB Innsbruck Völs
Geburtstag feiern Kinder Tramplinhalle - BirthdayFlip FLIP LAB Innsbruck Völs
Bungee Trampolin springen - FLIP LAB Innsbruck Völs
Trampolin springen Kinder Action Park-FLIP LAB Innsbruck Völs
Parkour lernen Parkourhalle - FLIP LAB Innsbruck Völs
Salto lernen mit Trainer - FLIP LAB Innsbruck Völs